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Shogai Imports (Japanese word pronounced Sho-Guy) is a relatively young (Est. 2002) company based in Sydney, Australia. We are constantly on the lookout for new products with a history of producing good quality products.

First and foremost we are the importer/distributor, we are NOT a retail outlet where you can come and try the product on. We always ask that you look to your local dealer first and support them when wishing to purchase our products. It is always good to build a relationship with them and buy locally. Because when you need help, it is often your local store you contact for help and if you already deal with them, they will be more willing to help get you back on the road sooner. For whatever reason you are unhappy with you local store or there isn’t a store near you, we will be more then happy to supply you direct.

Shogai Imports looks forward to importing the most amazing motorcycling apparel and accessories available and having you enjoy them here in Australia!

We look forward to seeing you out on the road, race track or in the bush having a great time, take care and happy riding!

The Team at Shogai Imports

Shogai the Word

For a lot of you out there that wonder what is “SHOGAI” or what it might mean, Shogai is the Japanese word for “Danger” and “Hazard”. Back in 1997 the director of Shogai Imports “Simon Siounis” had another passion and started a motorcycle and car club for enthusiasts called “Team Shogai” and used the Shogai Logo you see today as the clubs insignia. The "Shogai Symbol" originates from the worldwide symbol for danger or hazardous material but has been modified to make it more cutting edge with it’s sharper look. Since the symbol is the world worldwide symbol for danger or hazardous material, we thought it was only fitting to use it for SHOGAI IMPORTS company insignia as we import protective motorcycle apparel for this dangerous and hazardous lifestyle we choose.

Shogai Sponsorship

Not only do we constantly look at ways of improving our product line, we also look at local talent that we feel we can help in the way of sponsorship. Currently we sponsor a small number of local riders here in Australia with the hope that they might go onto the world stage and follow their dreams. Preferably we look for “juniors” who are in need of help or support first, due to the fact that it is simply “riding/racing” that is usually driving them (compared with money/fame that older riders often chase). We feel that if the rider is doing it because they love the thrill that it gives them, then it is the same passion we here at Shogai Imports share, then we will help support them as best we can.

Simon Siounis (director)

Being born in 1975, Simon grew up in Sydney, Australia. Having been fortunate enough to have great parents that also felt that motorcycling was a great sport which promoted a positive lifestyle with being outdoors and active, they encouraged the riding of motorcycles from a young age. At age 7 he entered the racing of mini bikes and motocross bikes. Simon raced for approximately 6 years as a junior and completed 4 x Steven Gall and 5 x Craig Dack motocross schools as well as other junior motocross schools during that time. Simon then rode on and off during his teenage years until he was old enough to obtain an Australian motorcycle road license. Not long after Simon wanted to obtain his Senior National Race Licence in order to compete nationally in the Australian Championship. Since obtaining his "SNRL", Simon has raced motorcycles in the "SAASC" (Shell Advance Australian Superbike Championship) Supersport, Formula Xtreme, Pro Twins, 6 Hour endurance categories for a number of years traveling all over Australia along with racing in Mexico desert/off road motorcycles in the world famous Baja series.

Simon started working for a motorcycle store which was part of a network of retail motorcycle outlets in Australia, that sell brand new Harley Davidson, Ducati, Honda & Yamaha's. Simon was employed there as a salesman and within a year was managing the Honda & Yamaha section. Simon was then promoted to a position in the company's head office as their "Imported Product Manager" for 9 brands that the company solely distributed across Australia. The 9 brands Simon was in charge of were items ranging from motocross clothing, boots, helmets, tie downs, sticker kits, oversized brake kits and accessories to road going gear such as leather suits in both 1 and 2 piece, gloves, wet weather clothing (jackets, pants, gloves, boots, etc...), helmets, boots and bike alarms. During the next few years, Simon succeeded in this challenging role in making the right decisions for purchasing, pricing, sponsorship, advertising and marketing for these 9 brands. Results started to show the level of commitment he had invested in these 9 brands and with the owner of that company noticing it, suggested that he start his own business for himself, thus Shogai Imports was born.

Today Simon spends as much as 6 weeks abroad every year, visiting different trade shows around the world looking for new products to import and distribute. He truly believes in providing a great product at the best possible price with great service. If you feel that something has let you down, simply contact us and we will have him make a decision on it. You can often find him on the Shogai Imports stand at the MotoGP (Phillip Island), World Superbikes (Phillip Island), Sydney Motorcycle Show, Melbourne Motorcycle Show, Barry Sheene Festival of Speed (Eastern Creek, Sydney), Australian Road Race Meets - ASBK, etc… so go up and say hello.

Should you wish to contact him directly, feel free to here.

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