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The New Capit “Full Control” tyre warmers have been developed directly from the MotoGP world, and they are now proposed also to non-professional and amateurs riders alike.  This top-of-the-line Capit tyre warmer provides extremely high performance and heats not only the tyre and its shoulder but also the wheel rim, allowing an amazing and unrivalled grip during the first laps.

The reliability and durability of Capit products over the years are a benchmark thanks to the technologies developed on the tracks in competition.

The special layer placed between the heating cable and the tread is included in the new Full Control (optional for the others).  This exclusive fabric guarantees perfect heat diffusion and avoids negative heat accumulation, increasing performances and tyre life.  The Full Control is equipped with a control unit integrated in the tyre warmer made of shock-resistant material with ultra-compact dimensions.

The “Vision” part of the name, means that these tyre warmers are “adjustable”.  So the fact that these are a “Full Control Vision Pro” means you get all of the great features of the Suprema Spina, BUT now with the ability to adjust each tyre warmer individually as need be.  Now with an ultra-compact “adjustable” control unit integrated in the tyre warmer, they allow you to view and modify the temperature as you like (from 30°C to 104°C - from 120°F to 250°F) on each tyre warmer by simply touching the +/- (“plus/minus”) buttons to adjust the tyre warmer in 1°C increments.

This means that if you find yourself at a race track that is dry one moment and then raining the next, it allows you to adjust the temperature of the tyre warmer to suit both your race slicks when it is dry and then your race wets, when it is raining.  It also allows you to “up” the temperature at places like Phillip Island where it is colder than say Queensland raceway.  They simply give you the flexibility to choose what you like, when you like on either tyre warmer.

With the new integrated control unit, you will also know at a glance if the tyre is ready to be used on track thanks to the display that will blink after 10 minutes of the tyre warmers having reached their set temperature.

Full Control tyre warmers are available in various sizes and colours and are supplied with the Australian (AUS – 240 Volt) plugs.  What differentiates Capit from the competitors is the quality of our products and service provided, a truly 100% made in Italy excellence chosen and used by all the top MotoGP, Superbike and F1 Racing Teams, 3-year official warranty and guaranteed repair service (extra cost) even outside the warranty period.  Possibility of customising the products with personalised logos (extra cost), purchase of spare parts or just a single tyre warmer.

The FULL CONTROL tyre warmers can be ordered in the following sizes:

M/XL (tyres up to 125/17” front and from 180/60-17” to 200-205/55-17” rear)

M/XXL (tyres up to 125/17” front and 200-205/60-17” rear)

Power absorption per single tyre: size M 400 watt – size XL 700 watt – size XXL 900 watt





Set Suprema Vision Pro Medium/XLarge

M | <125/17"

XL | <200-205/55-17"

Set Suprema Vision Pro Medium/2XLarge

M | <125/17"

XXL | >200-205/65&70-17"


The development of materials and production techniques along with the important evolution of electronics make CAPIT "the" innovators in this sector.  Among the many technical issues, we can highlight the most important: 

DIGITAL management of temperature of very high precision and with a stability of reference thanks to the use of the most advanced technology.  We are one of the very few companies able to offer the management of tyre warmers and of their temperatures through a control box, which guarantees high performance and offer the possibility to trace graphics and diagrams of system.

HEAD SPREADER fabric (internal fabric, highly conductive, realised with precious metal alloys) able to diffuse perfectly the heat and reduced drastically the consumption of electricity, thanks to the best thermal efficiency.  Included in all our models.

Simply put, CAPIT = The BEST Tyre Warmers In The WORLD!!!

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